Network Management

Network Management

We’ve been servicing business Computer Networks for over 20 years.

Whether your network is big or small, peer to peer sharing or you have a server on site, we can help you manage it to reduce downtime and increase reliability and stability.

  • Network Documentation
  • Backup and Fault Tolerance
  • Proactive Server Maintenance
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Virus and Security
  • Hardware and Software Support

We offer contract and on-call based support levels with varying hourly rates. This gives businesses of any size the ability to have IT support on call and ready to assist.

Is your network diagrammed and documented? Do you have a detailed record of passwords, device and software settings or cable routes?

This sort of information can reduce the costs in any IT system. A detailed network diagram and documentation allow one person to pick up where another left off. Ask yourself this, what happens if my IT Support person fell off the face of the earth? How many secrets of my network would they take with them? How difficult and how much time would it be for another tech to pick up where they left off, or even be able to access my system?

If you choose to use IAPZ as your tech support solution, we will make sure you have a detailed documentation of your IT system. It’s all part of our commitment to our customers to reduce downtime and IT costs.

Do you back your data up? Have you tested those backups by doing a full restore to ensure backup integrity? What are the time gaps between backups? If your system suffers anything from a minor hard drive failure to a full catastrophic event, how long until you are back up and running and how much of your data will be lost?

Backup and Fault tolerance is one of the most overlooked aspects of IT Management. We make it a priority to ensure your data is protected, and if required can be restored intact with minimum loss.

A healthy Server means reduced downtime, faster performance and increased network stability and reliability. A proactive strategy keeps servers running smooth and helps identify problems and issues before they result in downtime.

Our Server Maintenance plans happen remotely and after hours as to minimize the impact on your business. We will remote access your servers on a scheduled regular basis to apply updates, clear temporary files, purge logs, monitor disk space and audit the error reports. You may not even notice we were there, but you’ll appreciate it when we can address problems before they result in downtime.

You shouldn’t be paying your employees to watch and wait for their computers to respond. A workstation that is maintained and updated runs much faster and smoother than one that is neglected. Even the smallest issues can create discontent and frustration in the user.

Much like our Proactive Server Maintenance, we can perform routine checkups on your fleet of workstations to ensure that they are updated, optimized, secure, safe and not bogged down with unnecessary temp files.

Let us help keep your workstations running smoothly and at their peak performance so your staff can do the same thing.

Internet connected computer in today’s world are vulnerable to cyber attacks from many angles. Phishing scams on websites, embedded malware in email attachments, trackers, and polymorphic viruses can all cause major headaches in any computer.

By ensuring your virus detection and removal software is up to date, your firewall is locked down and your updates are current, you can help reduce the infections and repercussions of viruses and malware.

We can help. An audit, routine maintenance, and upkeep can have dramatic effects on reducing malicious software in your network.